Deer Dress

I started off wanting to make a cap sleeve with a sewn in sash… There wasn’t a pattern like I wanted, so I mixed elements of several and came up with this. Note: Loo was sick yesterday. The photos were VERY hurried, literally throwing it on after she had been in the shower to get her cleaned up, between bouts, so if it looks crooked, we literally spent all of 29 seconds in the dress. She was so happy it was done and was all “Mommy! It has deers on it! I love it!”. Even though she was very sick. Sizes available 12 months to Girls 8, (fabric surcharge may apply on larger sizes) starting at $50. To place an order email Fabric print: Wander Woods, Sarah Jane, for Michael Miller, and Riley Blake Chevron.






Good News Bad News

This fabric spawned memories of Summer Camp, singing This Little Light of Mine, and sitting around a campfire. I can just see Loo running through a field catching fireflies and giggling as she puts them in her little jar and then taking the jar inside and watching it until she falls asleep… Now for the Bad news: Loo won’t be wearing it. Not for a few years… I didn’t cut it short enough because I was just so excited to make it… Good news: it is a perfect 5/6, and I am going to make another one for Loo, since this one is perfect for 5/6.


Pricing- $55 shipped, and it is READY TO SHIP. (Just have to add buttons)

Dream Is A Wish Dress


Loo has always loved Princesses, ever since she was little. When you ask who her favorite Princess is, she points to herself… Spoiled much??? Of course! She’s a little girl! Loo saw this fabric a few days ago and LOVED it, so, of course being my favorite girl in the world, Mommy ended up calling several Joann’s stores, and by “several” I mean, too many to say without feeling embarrassed at the time spent trying to locate, special order, and acquire this highly sought after, limited quantity, and completely spectacular fabric. To place a custom order email Sizes available- 6/12 months to a Girls 8. Pricing starts at $40.





Free Leash Tutorial


A simple tutorial for a child/toy/cup/anything leash. One of the best parts, these can be made in addition to any outfit to match! Who doesn’t like matching?

20140117-091416.jpg To place a custom order email

Baby Fever

Lately, a lot of my friends are pregnant… there must be something in the water… So, I have had a lot of little reasons to make all things baby. Here are a few of the things I have done the past few days.




Custom orders are my favorite. To place a custom order email me, and I would be happy to provide you with a custom, unique, one of a kind, heirloom quality item, affordably priced and sure to please.