Baby Booties

This morning has been an eventful one. We went to the zoo… got to see the brand-new baby giraffe… only a few days old… We were the first ones to ever get to photograph him. I was so proud. We stayed there, saw all the animals… no splashing today… After touring the zoo, we came back home, stopping by the fabric store on the way home. I picked up some felt, and I feel a crafty naptime coming on today. I always thought baby booties were a hard craft. I figure I will do about 3 crafts a week… HOPEFULLY… that’s my goal. Always want to challenge myself to learn something new… I like learning, and this is a fun way for me to keep my mind working while caring for two children under two, that doesn’t involve Barney, poop, or crying.
On to the project at hand… felt baby booties. I have always liked babies feet being covered. When the boy was little, I always had him in an outfit complete with shoes. With the girl, it being sooooo hot outside I haven’t managed to remember clothes all the time, and shoes most often go unworn. Being that school is back in session- (Thank you fifty million school buses causing the boy to belt out screaming SCO-BUS every 3.4 seconds) it is the perfect excuse for me to go back to school myself, learning something new. Since I have always been intimidated by the baby booties, what better place to start?
Booties Tutorial

Ttonight sewed the pieces together… did it wrong. Had to start over. Will post more pics as I do it… My seams were on the outside… Here are pics of them, not totally terrible for a first attempt.

Alright, it was bothering me so much that I got up at 11:00 pm just to be able to work on the booties. I finished… this time with the outside outside, and the inside inside. I also made it so you couldn’t see the inside seams from the outside… These took a lot of work, but I like them a lot.

Love them!

One response to “Baby Booties

  1. I love the theme you presented. What great ideas!

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