Carseat Cover

Today, I really had no confidence in myself, so I did not take a picture of this before I started… I had an old sling, that had a beautiful pattern, but was not my size. It was a hotslings kind, a solid piece of fabric. I loved the fabric, and every time I saw it, I wanted to use it, but it was just too big for me. Yesterday, when I went to the store, when we came out it started pouring down raining… I didn’t have ANYTHING with me, no blanket, no umbrella… I was alone… no one to bring the car to the building… so… that led to my decision to get a carseat cover. Much to my dismay, the consignment shop I always go to, did not have any that were girlie. There was only one there, and it was red with black. Also, when we went to the pumpkin patch, I put a blanket over Miss BG, and it kept falling on the ground… all of this to say, I decided I needed a cover. It would keep her warm, dry, and cozy… so… After the disappointing visit to the consignment shop, and seeing this sling that I lamented and couldn’t wear, this morning it struck me… I could MAKE one…

This is what I did. I took the sling… cut it in half from the top to the bottom. Then I took the other side and cut it. I ended up with two large rectangles. Those I took and sewed together making one big rectangle. I measured the carseat. It was 16×30 something like that… I took and added ten to that, to make sure the sides would come down. That’s the key. Measure your carseat, and add 10 inches all around. Put your fabric wrong sides together and stitch it together. Then, fold over the edge twice (about half an inch each). Then sew on the fold. Then I measured the carseat bottom. It measured 60 inches. After you stitch all the sides, you push through a safety pin attached to elastic. I took a wooden dowel rod, shoved the safety pin into the end of it (with the elastic attached to the safety pin) and then wound that around all the edges.
Then I cut a line down the middle. Using bias tape I sewed the sides with that. Then I cut a semi-circle and used bias tape on that. I put Velcro on the straight cut, with the scratchy side away from baby, and finished with a little tab to pull up the flap to be able to pull to see baby while inside.
It was super fun, and turned out SUPER CUTE… We used it tonight, and it was a huge success.

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