Santa Dress…

Today I worked on the Santa Dress. I finished pretty quickly. I was done by nap! To make I took a roll of tulle, and cut strips that were 12 inches long after measuring my little girl to see how big she was. She was 12 inches from her shoulders to her ankle. So, I wanted it that length, so I cut literally a hundred strips, and just slip knotted them to a small piece of elastic, leaving a little space between each strip.I joined the elastic to form a circle, and put elastic all around it. After that I took a maribu strand (I don’t know what you call it)… Sewed that to the length of elastic. (To find out how much elastic to do, take your child’s measurement under their armpits, and add an inch.) Then I took and sewed the elastic black halter strap on. Her’s was 16 inches, but it was much too big, and I ended up cutting off two inches. I carefully lined up the satin ribbon to sew to the tulle to make the strip, and then sewed making sure to pull all the tulle down as I sewed as not to sew the wrong side to it… I did it twice, once at the top of the ribbon, and once at the bottom of the same ribbon.

I took a strip of maribu and cut it a little more than her measurement under her arms, and then sewed that to the tulle on the elastic. It turned out wonderfully. Now to make a hat!!!
Countdown to the auction- T-5 days.

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