Button Hole Tutorial!!!

I have been intimidated with using any other foot than the presser foot that came on the sewing machine… I use it for everything. I started off using just a straight stitch, and now have mastered the zig zag… today I learned to use the button hole foot… I decided to give it a go, even if I ruined the dress I was working on last time… This time IT WORKED. I have tried in the past on several fabric remnants, a few dresses, all to no avail…

I will let you know what I did so you, in turn, can learn the wonders of the button hole foot. First, you determine what button you will use. You then take this button and place it in the slot that goes up and down. After putting the button in its spot, you put the foot on the machine, making sure to drop down this little lever that looks like it has a button hole on it… Then, you just put it in the right spot, where you want the base of the button, and it will start sewing upwards… it worked perfectly!!! I can’t believe it! After all of those tries, it worked. Just remember to START AT THE BOTTOM of where you want the button hole to be… not at the top. It will go backwards… keep your foot on the petal and just keep pressing until it is done. It will stop. It turned out too cute on my little fall dress. I wanted to make a cap sleeve, and not just a little spaghetti strap. It turned out just like I wanted. The dress is too big for princess, but she will grow into it… I think it will be perfect for Thanksgiving. That with a little pilgrim hat… what more could you ask for???
Sorry… no pics at this time… I will have to take some for you tomorrow. Nighty-Night-Sweet Dreams!

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