Reversible Open Back Dress with Fancy Ruffled Bloomers

This is absolutely my favorite favorite favorite outfit EVER. I absolutely LOVE it.

When I found out I was having a little girl, the one thing I wanted more than anything was ruffled butt bloomers. I have tried to make them… made a good effort to it, but, not exactly like what I wanted. This is exactly what I wanted and more. I learned so many things from this project.
#1- I learned about a “Bodkin” It’s called an Ezy Pull Bodkin. This works wonders when trying to put elastic through for bloomers. This little tool saved me hours of frustration. Before, I would have tried to push a thin little safety pin through the tiny little pocket in which the elastic goes.
#2- A Rolled Narrow Hem Foot for a sewing machine. This was completely awesome. This little dream you took and put the fabric in and it made a little rolled hem. It was so cute and dainty. I loved it. It worked better than what I imagined.
#3- A Gathering Foot. After doing the rolled narrow hem, I took this little foot put it on the machine, and then… nothing more… just took and put the stitch length at the longest stitch. Then I just put the fabric through… it did all the work.
I bought the pattern from TieDyeDiva on It turned out perfect. Love It. I am selling the set for $45, (reversible open back dress, matching bloomers) and it comes with personalization, and a hairbow for free. You specify the colors… and in a week you can have the most beautiful thing I have made. Get one for your angel to wear this summer.

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