Minnie Mouse Dress with Matching Ears

This past week has been quite a week for me. I decided to use up fabric that I had… and just be able to get things done. So… each day I made at least 1 dress. I made 6 garments in 4 days. I would say that is a success with two children less than 2 years apart, 10 months and 2 years… so… I had a very enjoyable time doing it. 

After making this dress… it was a simple pattern… and I loved doing it. It turned out so cute. I had to cut the pattern down because my little Loo is so little that it was much too big on her. So, I cut it down, by half an inch all around, a little more in some areas… It turned out perfect. I wanted to have the whole package so did a search on how most people did them… I used what I had, because I just so happened to have felt lying around. I also got some red ribbon and tied a little bow. Voila. Easy Peasy. Then I just used hot glue, and glued it all around and smooshed it with the hot glue and it worked perfect. Everywhere we went people were remarking on it… It did turn out perfect. I wouldn’t change anything, AND I didn’t mess up one time. This is the first garment I have EVER made that I didn’t mess up somewhere… maybe I am becoming a REAL seamstress…   🙂   Anyway. This was easy cute and simple.

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