Tutorial Tuesdays

For the first tutorial, I will show how to make tile coasters. These are relatively inexpensive, and can be customized sooo many ways.

First, I made up a batch of ModPodge, which was equal parts water and Elmers Glue. Then I printed out a picture on my home computer, 4×4. I printed mine on thin vellum paper on the printer, because that’s what I had. I then took and cut it out leaving a small edge around each picture, and let it dry overnight. Get some tiles from Home Depot, they are like 16 cents each… you can’t go wrong with them. Even if a child walks in and ruins them, you aren’t out a lot of money.

The next day, I put ModPodge on the top of the tile, and pressed the vellum picture down, being careful not to press the ModPodge through the vellum. I took a foam brush and carefully, and NOT forcefully, gently put ModPodge on top in a single layer. I allowed it to sit all night, partially covered so dust and other things wouldn’t get into it while it dried. Then, waited, and put another coat on.

Next time I would probably print it onto tissue paper, and make sure it was fully dry before putting on the ModPodge. It turned out pretty good for a first try.

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