Thankful Thursdays

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When I found out I was having a little girl, one thing I wanted to do since they were going to be exactly 18 months apart, and my son (J) would be almost 3 and Loo would be able to walk on Halloween of 2011, was make my children some coordinated Halloween costumes. I scoured the internet looking for ideas. I thought about it day and night starting in June. I thought about doing Mickey Mouse and Minnie, a Flapper Girl and a Bank Robber (which I might still do next year because it would have that appeal to an almost 4 year old boy), but I kept coming back to Cinderella and Prince Charming. I don’t know what it is about them that I just love, be it the beautiful dress or her poise, or the dashing young man, but, ever since I was a little girl I have loved the movie Cinderella. Being whisked away, out of a tough situation, and falling madly in love… what girl wouldn’t want that?

So, I decided on Cinderella. The hard part was convincing my little boy that he wasn’t going to be the Flash. I started by threatening bodily harm to Mr LLL if he BREATHED a WORD to our little boy about ANYTHING other than Prince Charming, there would be severe consequences. I told J for weeks, months even about how Prince Charming protects Cinderella, how he holds her hand, and helps her and that is what a big brother does. I did have one time that Mr. LLL DID mention the Flash, but, I told J that Prince Charming gets to fight the dragon, and that pretty much stopped his desire to be the Flash.

I painstakingly put together a tutu gown. How? I measured my little Loo from hip to foot multiplied that by two, and added an inch. Then I took some elastic, (3/8ths inch) and then measured her hips, cut it to that measurement, tied it, and cut off the ends. Using 5 rolls of 6 inch tulle, I cut strips out, each one the same width, and the length of your hip to foot plus one inch. I ended up laying it down, and folding it about 50 times, in half and cutting once, because it was right at 18 inches from her hip to her feet, and laid it down on my cutting mat and cut once every 50 times, though you could only do this with a rotary cutter… the tulle would shift too much the other way… (I tried). The rotary¬†cutter gave it a nice clean edge and they weren’t all exactly the same length because of where the fold was, but it turned out perfect because you want a little dimension. After that, I just took the million strips, got 5 at a time and started slip knotting them to the elastic. After several hours I was done with it. I used white on the bottom, baby blue in the middle and baby blue glittery kind on top. When you make the slip knot you just take and put the tulle in order so you have it all in the same order. I wanted white on the underside, and blue on top.

Prince Charming’s outfit was a little more creatively challenging. The jacket I was not about to buy a pattern for. So, I took a t-shirt he had on, and laid it on a piece of fleece and cut around it. I cut around the collar, around the arm holes, and along the sides of the shirt. I folded it to get two. The back piece I used whole for the backside of the jacket, and the other piece I cut straight down the middle vertically. Then I took the t-shirt part of the sleeves and got the angle of the arms, measured my little boy’s arms, added extra for a seam allowance, and added extra for hemming the sleeves. Serged up the seams, and we were good to go. I just cut where I wanted the button holes, because fleece doesn’t unravel, and got some trims, and added those to the sleeves, added a little gold string stuff to the shoulder, and was on to the pants. I used Tie Dye Diva’s Snazzy Pants pattern (which by the way, you can use for practically anything, day or night), took off an inch on the side of the pants, and cut a strip of fabric that matched the length of the pants by 2.5 inches (2 inches for the strip, and .5 for each 1/4 inch seam allowance. It worked. Perfectly.

I am so thankful for being able to make these, have a vision for it, and be able to make it. I will cherish the photos and memories of that day forever.

Side Note: While taking these pictures I told my son to hold still, so I could take his picture.”J… I said, stand still”… “I not J… I am Prince Charming” he said. Then Loo took off running which you can see in one of the pictures, no joke, J took off running after her screaming “Cinderella, Come Back”… it was just like the movies. He led her by the hand through the park, and where does he lead her? My son leads her to the mud. That’s my family.

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