Lose the “Wait” Wednesdays

Projects that take 30 minutes or less!

This day in age, we are all crunched for time. Here  is a quick project to maximize effectiveness, and minimize errors, and maximize creativity.

Flapper Dress. This dress takes about 30 minutes start to finish. Start off with a piece of preruffled fabrics. These are available in SO many colors now. Pinks, Black, Brown, Blues, Aqua, Purple, Yellow, possibilities are endless! All you need to do, is (before your child lays down for nap, which I forgot so I had to tiptoe in and measure from her collar bone to her mid calf, which mind you, was one of the hardest things ever, especially since I was laughing at my own stupidity for not measuring before she laid down first.) And measure around her chest, just under her arms.

Once you get this measurement, all you need to do is cut the fabric. I used about half of a half yard. the ruffles go horizontally, and you just cut it in half, for a 12 month flapper dress, (or at least I did)… my little model is very small though… so measure first, cut once.

When cutting the fabric, keep in mind, to not cut the ruffle. If you cut the ruffle you will end up having the ruffle look funny. So, when you cut, cut between the ruffles.

Make sure when you go to cut between the layers that you LIFT UP THE RUFFLE above where you are cutting. If you don’t, the ruffle will get caught. Also, the see through part, don’t cut that. It will roll upward, the darker color between the ruffles doesn’t.

After that, you just take and roll the edge of the top down where it isn’t a raw edge. It is stretchy and after sewing up the sides, (.5 seam allowance) it will be the perfect fit. Use a zigzag stitch, but, change your needle to a BALL POINT needle. This will help it to stretch, but not come apart. If you have a serger, serge the sides up with matching thread. The bottom doesn’t need to be hemmed, the material will roll but will not unravel. Add some little sequin straps, elastic, or whatever you want. Place them at the top how you want them (crisscross, spaghetti strap, or even a halter neckline). Always remember to backstitch. There you have it. Didn’t take long at all.

Voila! Tres Chic No?

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