New Model

I wasn’t going to post, but… I just have some great new news! We now have a new member on our staff at Lil’ Liza Lou. It is an unpaid position, and mostly just standing and looking pretty, but… “Audrey” will be a wonderful addition around here. I am sure you will see her in all sorts of activities. She likes to go out on the town and be part of craft shows. You will amazed with her flexibility also! Who knows… Anyway. She is a beautiful model, and you can’t beat her work ethic or stamina. Hope you come to like her as much as I do. “Ella” will be joining us soon too… She is beautiful in her own right, but is more on the practical side… but, we’ll see how she “fits” in… (Enough with the mannequin and dress form jokes.) Exciting things at Lil’ Liza Lou!

Edit: As soon as J woke up from nap he INSISTED that she wear clothes… so… we had to get her dressed, because, “Mommy, little girls can’t be naked.”

Loo meets the mannequin…

Loo hugging “her”…

…playing Ring Around The Rosie… she was a little upset when the mannequin didn’t “all fall down”…

Everyone loves our new addition.

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