Introducing- Lil’ Liza Lou’s PINK Program

While you are reading this I am either on the way to the NICU or in the NICU.  This is not a new thing for me, but, we have a name for it now! It is Lil’ Liza Lou’s PINK program. Providing Inspirational Neonatal Kimonos. These kimonos are given free of charge, to babies in the NICU at Kosair. The name was a collaborative effort of my dad, and me. (Thanks Dad!) You are the best!

When I was born I was given a less than 10% chance at living. I was three months premature, and only weighed a little over 2 pounds. I had a hole in my heart, and I was terribly small. I could fit in one hand. The prognosis if I did survive was grim. I would live in a vegetative state, never have cognizant thought, never walk, never talk, never do anything. I know miracles exist because I am one. People go through their whole lives not knowing what their purpose is. I know mine is to live. I try to embrace everything in my life, try to make the most of each situation, try to really live.

I taught myself everything I have ever learned. I never paid for any class, but I learned to weld in High School because I was told I couldn’t do it, I taught myself to play guitar, I never had a lesson, I learned how to sew and never so much as sat in a class. All this to say, miracles do happen. I wasn’t “supposed” to do any of it, but, God saw fit for me to still be here.

To date, Lil’ Liza Lou has donated 11 kimonos to preemies in Kosair’s NICU, and one ruffled romper to a critically ill baby girl, (who has since turned 1, and is doing great!) . They are picked at random, and families are not told that they will be receiving one. I have had the privilege of meeting one set of parents, since I take them randomly during the evenings… They are left, with a simple letter containing a prayer for their child. I have loved doing it. It has been the biggest highlights of Lil’ Liza Lou for me.

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—————If you, or someone you know, has received a kimono, I would love to have updates on the babies that have gotten them. I remember all the names, and think fondly of the babies. Please email me, and I would LOVE to hear about how they are doing.

3 responses to “Introducing- Lil’ Liza Lou’s PINK Program

  1. I love the name!!

  2. This is an amazing program! Those babies and their families will be touched by this genuine gesture. I am sure it means so much to them to receive a handmade/personalized kimono for their baby.
    May God continue to bless your work and each of those families at Kosair.

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