Tutorial Tuesday

Photography has always been a passion of mine. So for this project being that I have so many photos I love, I wanted to make something to display them. I looked online and saw so many pictures in resin, but I am scared of that since it is toxic and I have two little ones that will and do put everything into their mouths. Upon further looking online I saw some tutorials for Scrabble tiles but ever the scrabble addict I wasn’t about to deface those glorious tiles. I scoured the craft store for hours and emerged somewhat victorious. I got some glass marbles that basically look like squished marbles, flat on one side and rounded and smooth on the other.

I printed out pictures that were less than an inch, cut around them, placed them on top of the marble and cut the edges top where they weren’t going to be sticking out… Then applied a thin layer of mod podge to the top of the photo and the flat side of the glass marble, and pressed them together. After that I let it dry overnight… Added more mod podge to the back  in the morning, let that dry. Then I got some super glue and “bails” (they are what you put on the back to make a necklace, fairly inexpensive, you can get 10 for about 1.75 on sale) and glued them to the back of the glass marbles, taking special care to not super glue your hand to the camera (from experience), gluing your fingers together (from experience), or attaching your arm to the table (from experience). I used a super glue pen, thinking it wouldn’t be bad… Note to self: Super glue stays just wet enough long enough to cause some damage. After that, allow the whole thing to dry. Put a good amount of super glue, and hold the bail as you add it. After it dries, you can add some more super glue to add to the old of the glue.

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