Thrifty Thursdays- Photo Magnets

After making the glass pendants, on Tuesday for our Tutorial Tuesday, I had 20 smooshed glass marbles left… In order to reuse the supplies, since everyone knows printer ink is expensive and I printed out a lot, not knowing how many I would actually mess up on, and make something special… I decided to reuse the supplies I used in that project and make it into something beautiful and useful. I chose to make photo magnets.

I had gotten some magnets a while back, not the flimsy kind, but the heavy-duty, these suckers will stick to ANYTHING… They are a little on the expensive side, ($6.99 for 50), but, if you go to Hobby Lobby and use a 40% off coupon, they are reasonable. I did the same steps as the jewelry, but instead of attaching a bail, I attached a magnet. I used the super glue, because I already had it out. I let them dry over night and this is what I came up with. They are homey, and a little imperfect, but I love them. Next time, I think I will use a picture on photo paper and see if that turns out any different. Also, I will make sure if the image is not the whole back of the magnet to put a piece of paper back there before I put the magnet on so you can’t see the magnet. The mod podge made the colors run a little, but I still have them proudly displayed… You can see they aren’t too bad.

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