“Cherry” Cute Pants

These “Cherry Cute Pants” are cropped pants, with a button flap option, are another pattern from the nice people at Shwin&Shwin. Perfect for spring weather. We can wish right? Today, the sun was shining and it was deceptively beautiful. Couldn’t have been cold, right? Wrong… Loo is such a trooper, (as always) we went down in the sun and it wasn’t too bad for the three seconds we were down taking pictures. Here she is smiling it up, in the newest addition to Lil’ Liza Lou’s Spring 2012 Line.

I had never worked with denim before, always been too scared… Scared I would break a needle, break the sewing machine, afraid it wouldn’t look right, a needle would break and go in my eye… you know, the things “normal” people worry about… 🙂  Mr. LLL says I am neurotic… I might be. The front has two pockets, the back has two pockets. They are lined at the bottom, and I turned it up, because I loved the look of it sticking out at the bottom peeking out at you. 🙂 Also, notice my “model” now has hair long enough to put into pigtails… she’s getting so big… (enough of the Mommy Moments). Hope you like this pattern as much as I do. There’s a lot of options for it, and I am excited about making a few more pairs with different lining fabrics.

2 responses to ““Cherry” Cute Pants

  1. These look great.. I love the cherry fabric… I worry about the needle in my eye, too… You are not alone… ;o)

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