PINK Program Expansion

Since starting the PINK Program in September 2011 (when it wasn’t even named), I have been prayerfully considering donating bereavement gowns in addition to the kimonos to the NICU. The other day, I had a feeling like I should call and ask if they could use them, because I didn’t know if they were being supplied elsewhere already. It turns out that the lady that was providing them to the NICU is no longer able to provide them (ironic right?). I just love it when the Lord lays something on your heart and it turns out to be something that is a need. Most people call it coincidence, but I don’t… I know it is the Lord… Kosair can really use them. The bereavement gowns are going to be pastel colors and be tiny versions of kimonos.

Some people would say, it is not a good business move, but, the kimonos are for me, a ministry. I know the Lord will and has blessed Lil’ Liza Lou, even more than I imagined already, and if I don’t sell anything ever again, I know I am doing what He wants me to do. I do not make any money on the kimonos, whatsoever, they take me time, energy, and supplies, but, I love doing it. I know that it is something that  will bless the parents, and whether the children survive, or not, I know that they are appreciated. It lets people know, that someone loves them, cares, and is there for them, praying for them.

I am going to start providing them as I can, probably a few a week, in addition to the preemie kimonos. I know it is something that will bless families affected by loss and grief and I am looking forward to serving them.

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