20 Kimonos, 1 Gown

I absolutely do love what I do, and have been able to share how Lil’ Liza Lou started, why I sew the little kimono gowns, and kimonos, and donate them free of charge to Kosair’s NICU, what my inspiration is, etc. I am honored to be able to share hope with people, everyday. Who else gets to do that at their job?

These are what I had in mind for the Peaceful Slumber Gowns. Please don’t view them as something bad… they are a blessing to families who have had to deal with terrible loss… that not much of anything can come close to. The kimonos are made of cuddle bubble fabric. They are cream color, with little swirls, and are soooo soft. They are trimmed in a golden yellow, at the sleeves hem, and edges. They are going to be scented with lavender baby powder, to keep them smelling sweet, and leave a good memory, and not a hospital smell. (Thanks Wendy.)

They will have the buttons to fasten, but this one uses a snap. I had to make sure it was the right size first, and it was. Thankfully. I have little buttons that say “Little Lamb”. I think they will be perfect. I also have little pink hearts for girl gowns.

They are in sizes 1 lb and under,  2-3 lbs, and 4-6 lbs.

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