Tutorial Tuesday

Everyone always asks me where I took my sewing classes, the conversations go like this, “Wow, how did you learn to sew?” or “Where did you take your classes to learn to sew?”. When met with my answer, the reaction is disbelief. There are all sorts of reasons people start sewing. I started because we couldn’t afford to buy those pretty ruffled bloomers you see. I know, buying a pair of $20 bloomers doesn’t seem like a lot, but, we literally had no money to spare. So, I had a sewing machine, and I taught myself. It took about 6 months for me to get where I was confident in sewing. There are many things that I would tell people who want to learn how to sew.  There will be a little mini series on tips. We will call it “Sew You Want to Sew”.

We will begin with FEET-  Do not be afraid of your feet. There are all sorts of feet that magically transform so many projects.

One- a narrow rolled hem foot, is a LIFESAVER for making the edges of ruffles finished and polished. This folds the fabric once and then once again, so that the raw edge is inside up under the fold. One tip about using this foot, is to make sure that you hold the fabric up and to the left, and always watch, because the folds can become wrinkled, and then make the edge look wonky (yes it is a sewing term).

Two- A buttonhole foot. This is probably the foot that scares me most. My machine starts the hole the BOTTOM RIGHT where the foot is. It goes to the left, and then up and then back down to the right… so, it is helpful to put a mark where you want it to go, because, when you start it, if it messes up, it is not a good thing to put it in wrong… Read your specific manual for the buttonhole, but I would practice a few times before using it on any almost finished project (I ruined a few garments from putting mine in wrong…).

Three- Ruffle Foot- This is one of the MOST intimidating foot I think I have. It is this gnarly looking piece of metal, with a little dial that changes the number of folds in the fabric in each strip. There are a few options for it. You can do 12, 6, and 1. Using a 1 makes it be very tight ruffles. Using a 6 makes them somewhat gathered, but loose. Using a 12 makes them looser ruffles.

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