Prodigal Screwdriver…

This morning I was lamenting the fact that my precious lovely screwdriver, which is not like a normal screwdriver, because it is thicker, and formed to fit my sewing machine’s presser foot, had been taken from me. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never see it again, and it had gone the way of so many things long gone and deteriorating in a garbage dump somewhere. I had looked everywhere the past few days, and ended up buying a little set so I could at least get the presser foot on and not ruin my machine. 

I emailed Brother, to see if I could get a replacement and they apparently don’t sell them individually. So I sent them an email to see what they could do. I included the picture of the missing part, and the culprit… and waited to see what they said… (they haven’t emailed back yet, but I am sure they will have a nice laugh today)…

I was looking for the fabric I needed for today’s projects, (I have a whole LIST full of things to do)… and picked up a piece of fabric and WRAPPED UP INSIDE it was my beloved screwdriver. Victory.

I am sure she has some sort of project in mind with that screwdriver…

How could you ever be mad at that little girl? It’s impossible. I have tried.

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