Sneak Peek- Ribbon Roses

I had never made a successful ribbon or fabric flower before. My one attempt at it was an EPIC failure. Since Birdsong Bows Hair Accessories for Girls is having their challenge, I figured I would give it a go, with their Ruffles and Roses Pattern. I had had success with the ruffle one, but not actually tried the rose version.  Well… It did not disappoint. I added some feathers, and used a left over ribbon from a package I got. The ribbon was just too pretty to throw away. It transformed into a beautiful rose. I accented it with a big pearl in the center and a piece of vintage pink lace. “Ta-Da” as Loo would say. She loves it. It is easy to wear, and doesn’t annoy her like some I have bought before.

The contest on Birdsong will be up soon… it starts tomorrow. When I know the link to vote, I will post it, along with pics of my entry.  For now here is a picture of the other one I made to go with the Sweetheart Dress.

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