Thankful Thursday

—Disclaimer: This is kinda long…

I have been reflecting on Valentine’s Day the last few days for a new project I am working on… and, with visions of chocolate, roses, candy, also come memories of my first Valentine’s Day with the now Mr. LLL. Our first Valentine’s Day was ANYTHING BUT romantic.

February 14,2002 Mr. LLL and I had gotten ready to go out for dinner and a movie. We were stopped at a stop sign and ended up being hit by two vehicles. Mr. LLL’s SUV was totaled. We tried to salvage the night by going and getting my car. (We didn’t know yet that my neck was damaged from the impact)… sheer adrenaline. We decided to get my car and go in it, but it had gotten dark, and my headlight was out, so, we decided to repair it. In the dark. We get the headlight in an hour and a half later. We get to go to dinner. FINALLY. We couldn’t make the movie anymore so we just ate at Zaxby’s. We got done with Zaxby’s, and what happens?… My car won’t turn on. It is DEAD. We call a friend to pick us up and take us back to school. Worst. Date. Ever. (Bless Mr. LLL’s heart…) He wrote me the sweetest card.

Little did I know that that one experience would show me the true character of my hubby… He took care of me. He went to class for me. He took notes for me and then sat outside my dorm and read the notes to me. I was doped up for months. He took me to all my doctor’s appointments. We had only been dating for a month and 13 days when it happened. We hadn’t ever even kissed. (He was my first kiss ever, and I waited because I didn’t want to kiss anyone but my husband. Weird I know, but I am so glad. I am sort of germ-a-phobic.) He was the sweetest man to me, and he didn’t have to. He could have run. He could have just said, “This isn’t really what I signed up for” and dumped me like a hot potato. He didn’t.

Through the experience of the wreck, I got to learn about my hubby, about myself, and about God. I will be forever grateful for the experience, however hard it was. People told me “just pray and have faith, and you will be better”… “you just need to pray harder”… Anyone who has gone through any sort of extended illness, chronic pain, or anything like that, will know, even if you are earnestly praying, sometimes, God doesn’t answer those prayers. We just have to see the joy in the journey. Blessings.

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