Pink Program Explanation- Reason #1

I know I usually do Tutorial Tuesday entries today and I will probably do one by tonight, but if not, I will do one tomorrow, but… I have been asked a lot why I do the PINK Program. I wanted to let you know one reason why. There are many more reasons, but, it is a ministry I will continue to do, Lord willing, and I love doing it. If you would like more information about the PINK Program, there is a tab on the top of the page, that says PINK Program, or you can click here for more information.

Loo had to spend time in the NICU. Five days. Nothing compared to the majority of babies I make the kimonos for. I do know the feeling, and wanting your baby with you, so I do it for something special for the parents. When your baby is born early, you don’t have anything that fits, they are naked all the time… and you just want something special. 

This headband was knee high pantyhose, because they are soft, and then I just sewed a little ribbon into the shape of a rose, and then tied that little bow… I had to make about 20 bows just to make that one right… 🙂 I wanted everyone to know she was MINE and she was special. That’s why the kimonos are embroidered with the child’s name, because, I want it to be something permanent, something that is special, and that is different from anything else. My sweet baby.

This is the first thing I sewed… A rag quilt… and I did it just a few days before she was born. I did it because it was only straight stitches. Then a few days later I made this. I made the shoes, tutu, headband, and put the rhinestones on the t-shirt. I also took the pictures. What else could you want?

I can hardly believe how long it has been… 

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