Reusable Wipes- Tutorial

It has been so busy here the last few days. Orders. Sick children. Shew. Thank the Lord for naptime, and quiet in the house. 🙂 This project took me start to finish 30 minutes, and that included picking out the fabric out of fabric mountain, take a potty break, getting a drink (Dr. Pepper is the best!), taking pictures, and everything. These little babies are so versatile. They are easy to make, great for a beginning seamstress, and can be used for anything from wiping noses, to hineys (my computer says that is spelled wrong), to anything else. These wipes are made of the softest flannel. It is a perfect use for PINK Program scraps. 🙂

If you are still reading, then, you really want to know how to make these. You start by cutting out 8×8 inch squares. These will fit perfectly in a wipes case if folded in half. The reason I decided on 8×8? Well… my palm is about 4 inches across, and I figured that make it that big and then I could wipe without getting it on me. 🙂 with two inches on each side to not get poop on me. Because that’s all we really care about right?

When you cut them all out (depends on how many you want), round the corners, and then put them right sides together.  After you put them together with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, so you don’t see the pattern at all, start stitching around the edge with a straight stitch, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Make sure to back stitch. Go all the way around, but stop with two inches to spare… backstitch so your stitches don’t come loose.  

Then you take and turn it rightsides out. To do this, I have found it easier to take your fingers, and pinch the seam at the opposite side, and then use a pencil or whatever you have and pull through the hole. Then make sure to push the corners out and if you wish press. If you don’t press (with your fingers or pencil your corners will look weird.) Make sure when you start sewing that you put the opening inside where it is folded nicely in so you have nice clean lines. I don’t like to press anything, so, instead I just used my fingers as I went and made sure to push it out right. These are for me, and to wipe poo, so, who really cares if they are completely straight… They did turn out perfect, but, don’t rely so much on having them perfect… they are just good the way they are… and they are useful and practical. Stitch around the outside close to the edge.

Repeat for all the wipes.

Admire your work. 🙂

If you would like to buy reusable wipes, they are available in several different prints, customized with whatever colors and patterns you would like. Have them match the baby’s room, have them specially made for a Car’s fan… possibilities are endless. Go Green, and have something special and cute to last forever. Please specify in your order what patterns or styles of flannel you would like. Great for shower gifts.

New Baby set, $25, and contains 20 wipes, 7×7 and fit perfectly inside wipe containers. Perfect for a new baby. Custom Matching Wipes case available for $5.

Basic Wipe Package, $15, contains 10 wipes, 7×7, in whatever style you want.

These are all two ply, and double stitched, to last. Washing instructions, throw into loads with towels, lights, etc., do not use fabric softener. They are naturally soft, and will lose their absorbency if you use fabric softener. Easy. Dry normally. Larger sets can be custom ordered. 

To place an order, click at the top where it says Contact Lil’ Liza Lou/Place Order.

2 responses to “Reusable Wipes- Tutorial

  1. I LOVE this! Can you believe I was just sitting with my box of old receiving blankets wondering what the best way to make wipes is? Yup, and now I have the answer. :o) Thanks!

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