Custom Romper Order

A client contacted me about a custom order. The order was placed on Monday, and was finished and shipped within a week. These are made to order, and it is not like I have a stockpile of the rompers to just embroider and ship. I make them when the order is placed. They are all handmade, with love. (Baby Ruffled Romper Pattern by Tie Dye Diva). The fascinator is my interpretation of a Birdsong Bows and Hair Accessories for Girls Ruffles n’ Roses Pattern). This might be my favorite romper to date. I love the colors, I love the ruffles… This fabric I have used before, in the Natasha Dress, available here. The Natalya Dress- Boutique Dress (12-24 months)

You can change so much about a dress with the fabrics you use to contrast. I had never used my serger to serge ruffles for a romper. Previously I had rolled 1/4 inch and rolled 1/4 again, encasing the edge in the fabric. This time I took and serged the edges of the ruffles… I LOVE how it came out. I changed the settings on my little Janome (which has been tried and true since October) to do a rolled hem.

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