A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted in the Birdsong Contest. I did end up winning the Birdsong Contest. I am deciding what to get right now… I picked out two ribbon destashes… Yay for ribbon!

Did you know that 90% of customers that buy from Lil Liza Lou, are repeat customers? The other ten percent are new customers.

Furthermore, did you know Lil Liza Lou is all run by one person. There is no webmaster, no head of marketing, no donation coordinator, no advertising specialist, no personal shopper… It is all me. My name is Evelyn, and I started sewing when my daughter was born. I had worked in a daycare that unexpectedly closed when I was eight and a half months pregnant. I started sewing because I wanted my little girl to have ruffled bloomers. I would have never even dreamed that Lil’ Liza Lou would be doing what it is doing now.

I do love what I do. I love that I get to do whatever I want when ever I want. Most people can’t say that about their job. My job is not a job. It is my passion. I frequently can’t sleep because I have an idea, or I am thinking how to do something more efficiently, design ideas, projects I want to try, and on and on. I love that I can wear pajamas all day if I want. I love that I can take an afternoon off, or go off on an outing at a moment’s notice. I love that I get to stay home with my babies.

I love that I get to sew everyday. I love that I get to bring happiness to little girls, and make little boys even more handsome. I love being able to minister to families where their babies are in the NICU. I love that even a tiny kimono can provide comfort to a hurting family, how something so little can make such a big difference.

New tutorial tonight for Make It Monday… So, check back then.

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