I’ll Fly Away Collection

Make It Monday- I was so busy this weekend. Saturday Mr. LLL, (which he doesn’t like to be referred to as), took BOTH kids with him to go to Bass Pro Shop. I had a total of 5 hours to MYSELF… What did I do with my time? Sew. I made two ruffled rompers, cut up another dress, ready to be sewn, and cut out a boy romper. Yes, a BOY thing… 🙂 This is what I have been working on. I am also working on another thing too, but going to post pictures when I finish it. 🙂 Should be super cute, and it is my own pattern. Praying it works like I want.

Ruffled Romper, with Butterflies, in pinks and greens. This beautiful romper would make a lovely sister set. They are both ready to ship immediately. The prices are- $30, for the ruffled romper, and $30 for the ruffled dress. They are both beautiful and have ruffles to spare! They are both available through Etsy, by clicking “Shop” on the right side. The romper is a 6-12 month size and the dress is a 3T. There are 2 6-12 month rompers, since I had the fabric and accidentally cut two extra front pieces… so, you know, have to make do… ;).

I think this would be adorable as a set. Contact me for more info or to place an order, just click the top, where it says “Custom Order/Contact Lil’ Liza Lou”. I will get back to you with a quote shortly.

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