Make It Monday: Project Organization

All the time I am asked how I do all I do. From being a stay at home mom, with two small children, to sewing dresses, and making anything I can think of, people always want to know how I keep everything straight, how to get everything done. So. Today’s Make It Monday will be about how I keep up with everything. With respect to the pattern makers, I have not shown the pieces of the patterns… 

The pattern makers I use are: Tie Dye Diva, Little Lizard King, Whimsy Couture, Shwin &Shwin, Pink Poodle Bows, Tenderfeet Stitches, Sew Sweet Patterns, and Heidi and Finn, just to name a few that I use most. I find them on Etsy and you can search for “Children’s sewing pattern PDFs” and it will bring up a whole list, and there are a LOT more designers, some better than others. My favorite is Tie Dye Diva. I use her patterns all the time, and haven’t ever had an issue. I have tested with her, and never had a problem even with the patterns that are still in testing. She does great work.

I started making baggies to put everything into. They are freezer quart size storage bags. I cut out all the pattern pieces I will need for each pattern, usually I sit down all at once, and cut out a few. I just take out whatever pattern I want, and cut it out. I cut out the different sizes. Using them as much as I can. Everything is in there, and then I always take and serge up the ruffles,  anything extra, as I can, randomly through the day. On each bag, I write down the size, what it is. Fabric that I haven’t cut yet, I just put in, and put the pieces that are yet to be cut, and just stagger it out. It works out perfect. It is the easiest way I have found. No forgetting. No fuss. I include any elastic, and put in a tag so that I don’t forget to put that on.

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