Derby Dress (18 months)

Derby is just around the corner. Can you believe it? Last night I heard on the news that they decided the theme for Thunder Over Louisville, which made me want to make a Derby Dress. It is a deep purple, with black. The flower I just took the scraps and made flowers. Perfect. I made it a longer length to make it more for a special occasion. Yes, my model LOVES to smile. I taught her to do “dimples” this week. 🙂 That’s her doing it. I am working on a red one with roses, just for Derby. This is the first one, and turned out so cute.

I made it a little form fitting, but not too much, not like the flapper dress which was purposely skin tight. I made it go slightly in at the waist. I took the top and made it a strip, and added straps. I am working on a design for the top, making it more seamless…Hope you like it.

2 responses to “Derby Dress (18 months)

  1. Claudia (Hancocks)

    This dress is so cute!

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