Little Helper

Loo thinks she is the best helper in the world… She is… 🙂 Here’s my little crafty corner of the world. Yep… I make all my stuff from a television tray… in our living room… I have the serger in the bedroom… but, this is the whole operation.

4 responses to “Little Helper

  1. Danielle R Sternberg

    I saw you on tv last night, so HAPPY for you. You should be very proud of yourself.


  2. Good for you, I’m a friend of your Grandma Joan in Kansas. The “go for it” spirit must run in your blood! your doning a great job, wish I had a granddaughter to buy for, maybe you should do some little boy things!

    • Awww… Thank you! I do little boy’s ties, vests, rompers, pajamas, pants, and blankets, Prince Charming Costumes… a lot of other things… There are pictures in the gallery of some of them. 🙂 -Evelyn.

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