Pattern Testing and Contest

Keep reading because there is a prize involved. If you win the question I will give you a discount coupon for Etsy. 🙂

Pattern testing…. ah… pattern testing. I am one of those people that LOVES pattern testing. I love doing something new, and seeing different designs of things… seeing how they all come together. Being that I taught myself to sew, there are often many things I learn while pattern testing.

A few lessons I have learned the last two days:

One- Buttonholes. It is ridiculously sad how long I have not realized a simple fact about buttonholes. Starting at where you want the buttonhole top to be, you work FROM THERE. Do not start at where you want the base to be and work up. You will run into the top every time. (How many times do you think I have messed that up in the last few days with the Peek-a-boo dresses? Winner gets a prize)…. Hint- I have done four of the dresses. University of Kentucky, the first pink and brown (not so good one where I was learning the pattern), the Birthday one, and the Springtime one.  Leave a comment on this post to enter the contest. Closest to the correct answer wins.

Two- A serger can be your best friend. When reading the booklet for it, doing a rolled hem where it says “right needle size 11” needs to add the word “ONLY USE THE RIGHT NEEDLE size 11”. I had since I got the serger not known about this small tiny detail. Ruffles are SOOOOO much easier now. I sew them all up at once, and then put them on various dresses and the like as I have time.

Three- Sewing machine needles do break, and they CAN hit you in the face, (almost in your eye)… Sewing over bias tape and four layers of fabric will cause any needle to break and they can and do hit you. I had previously thought that the thread would prevent this from happening. Not. So. Much.

Lastly, Sewing is great. Sewing is stress relief. And, sewing can make all your dreams you never even knew you had, come true.

Sneak Peek. Shhh… It’s a super secret Tie Dye Diva pattern testing… I will show you the finished product when I can… but… it is beautiful… and it is frilly, and it has ruffles. 

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