Project of the Day: Peg People

How much more adorable could our little family be? As soon as I finished these, the kids were playing with them, including hubby who wasn’t even dry yet. O well.

Little Man loved his and made his “Super J…” and Loo played with “Beebe Liza”. I think they loved them. If you would like a peg people family, they are made with non-toxic paint. For a 4 “person” set, they are $20.

Kissing “Beebee Liza”

Holding “Beebe Liza”

3 responses to “Project of the Day: Peg People

  1. Did any one notice both their shirts were dirty? We had a fun but messy day.

  2. Do you know of any non toxic enamel spray? I made some peg people for a friend’s baby and I want to be sure if she mouths them, they are safe. I also want them to have a nice glossy sheen.

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