Boy’s Easter Vest

I love Easter. For one, it celebrates the death and resurrection and life we have in Christ, and secondly, it is Spring! I love crispy mornings, and afternoon walks that are not bitter cold. My son has a little bit of an obsession with Blues Clues. He always has loved Steve. So, for Easter, and my first vest, I wanted to do something I could use for Easter pictures and also have something fun for him. So, here’s what I came up with. It is completely reversible. The buttons are all switchable. You can have a yellow vest with green buttons, or a yellow vest with yellow buttons, a green vest with yellow buttons… or green buttons. It  is fun to be able to mix and match fabrics.

Also, I have now finally gotten over my fear of buttonholes. I didn’t even get scared this time. Tie is coming later today or tonight, available for $10 extra. Working on my first pageant swimsuit order! 🙂 Sew exciting!

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