This is what I have been working on today…This is without doubt the easiest way to keep things all together and working… very efficient, and can get a lot done quickly instead of cutting, sewing, ruffling, seaming, etc… You can do more at once… I like it pretty well. Lots more to do, but going good.

What else am I doing? Working on my business plan, I am on page 13, and have the marketing parts left, and the target market, and the Appendix parts… Other than that, I am pretty much done with that… (It has been about a week that I have been working on it)… I am also working on a custom order for a pageant swimsuit, in a Grecian Goddess theme… It is going to be gorgeous. I am so excited to do it. It should be soooo pretty. Going to be meticulous, and time consuming, but… completely worth it. The day is almost done for me… Mr LLL gets off work soon, and the kids took a late nap. Little Man is sitting next to me drinking milk, and Loo is starting to wake up. Better get back to work. Want to finish the cocoon today, and the reversible vest.

Little Man quote “Mommy, people are not snacks, and boys are not mens.” Wow. Hope you have been enlightened.

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