Yesterday I posted a question: Today (yesterday was) is Fun Friday and we are playing Fun Fact Friday! These are four facts about me, and you have to pick which are fact about Evelyn, and which is the one lie. People that answer correctly will be placed in a drawing with the other winners and one will be selected from them. Drawing ends tomorrow morning.

1- Evelyn is a certified welder
2- Evelyn has had three major surgeries in her life, 2 c-sections, and open heart surgery
3- Evelyn has never taken a sewing class
4- Evelyn is bilingual
1- I was a certified welder in Georgia. I took Welding in High School. I was told by the counselor there after completing all the “girls” classes, that I couldn’t possibly take welding because it was an all boys class… well… that to me was a challenge, and so I did it. I ended up getting certified and everything. I would wear cute little outfits and parade around in front of the boys dressing and undressing in coveralls- can you tell that was a LONG time ago?
2- I have had two c-sections, and open heart surgery. Yep. I was born 10 weeks premature, and had a hole in my heart. They had to do surgery to correct it. That’s one of the reasons the PINK Program started. Because I was a very critically ill preemie. You wouldn’t ever know it now, but I endured a great deal in my childhood. God is good, and I am doing good.
3- Evelyn has never taken a sewing class. Let me just say… I am too cheap to take sewing classes. One thing about me, I don’t like to spend money unnecessarily, and I figured I would just wing it until I got it. I watched tutorials on youtube, and it took me about 6 months to get good at it. I am always learning, and realize new things every day.
4- Evelyn is bilingual. Well. This is the one lie. I am not bilingual. At all. I try to be, and I know a few phrases in Spanish because my bestie is from Chile, (pronounced Chill-aye). It took me weeks to learn to say that correctly.
So… there were two people to guess correctly. I hope you had fun playing my little game. Amy Lynn Furqua, and Audrey Anderson both guessed correctly, and random draw picked Amy Lynn Furqua. (I put names in a jar and picked one). So, Amy Lynn Furqua, please email me at to claim your prize! 🙂
Thank you everyone for playing! Next week we will be having a referral contest, and whoever refers the most people will win 25% off their next order. Let me clarify that these people have to be new people added to the page, and have to POST A COMMENT on Facebook saying they are a new follower. They can also sign up for the newsletter, but, have to write a comment back on the Facebook Page’s wall saying they have done so. 🙂   Going to be LOTS of fun, and give you something special too. 🙂

4 responses to “Winner…

  1. haha, I would have played but I knew that answer from college and didn’t want to spoil it for others 🙂

  2. I did know because I knew you had surgery and a welder when we used to talk in class and I guessed on the sewing from something you said a while back on your blog. And that just left the last part. I guessed on that but was pretty sure. I’m not bilingual either. I am terrible at languages.

  3. I want to be bilingual. I have tried to take up Spanish, and have learned a few words… mostly from Dora the Explorer… (which is sad)… but… for the most part, I wouldn’t be able to understand anything… Hopefully, I will be able to be bilingual soon. 🙂 I want to learn French, just to hear it…
    I want to learn French too, to go to Paris one day too. 🙂

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