Custom Orders

This week might be the week of the most custom orders. Through word of mouth, advertising on Craigslist, and networking, I have four custom orders this week. Two are pageant orders, one is a sweet newborn that, sadly, has to be measured… because she is itty bitty… (can you tell I am super sad about having to hold a little baby?), and a custom order for a Jamaican swimsuit set. The Supreme Swimwear Package includes: Customized swimsuit, Wrap, FlipFlops (made to match), a hair accessory, (whether bow or headband, made to match), an embroidered hooded beach towel, and other “extras” can be added. The price varies due to which pieces you would like to add… but the swimwear sets start at $35, for the swimsuit alone. These sets are all made to order. Yesterday I finished the Jamaican swimsuit. I still have the bows and flip flops to do for this order, but, got the most time consuming thing done, the suit. Here’s a picture… The Jamaican flag is yellow, green, and black.

My favorite part of this suit? the little yellow bows on the scoop bottoms. 🙂

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