Indoor Barefoot Sandals

These little babies (pun intended) are simple, sweet, and perfect for any size baby or child. Right now there are two colors available, cream, and baby pink. Order yours today. These are very unique, and so special. Click “Place an Custom Order” at the top to place an order. These are $8, but as an introductory special, they are on sale for $6.

7 responses to “Indoor Barefoot Sandals

  1. Very cute but my little one would totally tear them off her feet – she isn’t a fan of socks or anything over the toes.

    • These don’t have bottoms, and they are very freeing. 🙂 They are just to be cute. Loo loved them. She asked to wear them. She would wear them ALL the time if I let her.

  2. Do these shoes come in certain sizes? We have a wedding in 2 weeks and 3 girls ages 5, 7 and 4. Could I order these and get them shipped in time?

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