Fabric Label Tutorial

Good Morning! Things have been chaotic here to say the least. Lots of orders, lots of pattern testings, and lots of cleaning. Yesterday I worked on making labels. I had completely ran out just a few days before and wanted to do something a little different. So now I have two kinds of labels, twill and satin. These are beautiful. The Federal Trade Commission mandates that handmade clothing be labeled with a sewn in label.  They are to state the item’s size, the fabric the garment is made of, and washing instructions. Well… Making the file to be able to print out these labels was about the most time consuming part, other than the ironing.

First I took and made a whole sheet of labels. I used Microsoft Word. This took a while, because there are only so many that can fit on a line, and I wanted them to fold around where they would say the logo and the size on the front and where it would have the washing instructions and the materials on the back.

Those symbols? I went to the internet and looked up “washing instruction symbols”, and cut and pasted the corresponding images, and made them tiny to put on the label.

After that I just took and printed it out on t-shirt transfer paper. I get mine at Hobby Lobby. I love it. I haven’t had any problems. (I also got my satin ribbon there.) Make sure when it prints that it prints a transfer image. In my computer I have to change the properties on my printer.

Then I used a paper cutter and cut all the little pieces out… and then a whole page of labels (7 labels by 7 labels) made a whole roll of satin ribbon… how’s that for perfect? Then I ironed them on, 3 inches apart from the end of one to the next. I did it on the highest temp my iron would go to. Biggest tip when doing it… put fabric under the ribbon and TAKE YOUR TIME. Each label needs to be ironed for a full 30 seconds. At the end of the whole line of labels, I ran them all under the iron one more time, which ended up burning my fingers, because when you pull satin ribbon out from under a burning hot iron, strangely enough, they are hot… (go figure, right?) Then it needs to cool COMPLETELY. If you try and take the backs off too quickly, it will stick. I made like a ribbon dancer (literally, which my fam thought was hilarious), and got it cool and then, peeled the backing off, every label turned out perfect.

Things I would do differently next time? I think next time I would make sure that each and every label is going the same direction (like all the logos on the left and going to the right). It helped when cutting them out… and using a ruler to apply the labels would have helped to utilize each label and ribbon better. That’s it. Enjoy! If you make a label using this tutorial, please send me a picture of it. 🙂 Lil.Liza.Lou@gmail.com.

2 responses to “Fabric Label Tutorial

  1. they look great! I had no idea what those symbols meant btw, until I read your caption 🙂

  2. At first I was like, those look dumb, but then, I realized it saved so much space and looks so much nicer than I previously had thought… My other ones look kinda funny next to them. 🙂 I like these ones more. 🙂

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