PINK Program Update

This past weekend,  I worked on all sorts of stuff: getting photos ready, planning out swimsuits, deciding on different things I wanted to make. And getting organized. The PINK Program has always been one of my favorite things to work on, and I had four more babies to make kimonos for this week. We are inching ever so close to 40 kimonos. I got some more material, and made the kimono pattern more streamlined, and easier to work with. I tweaked my pattern a little more, and have it where I want it. It takes a lot when working with preemies, and getting the sizes right. Gotta get it good, because more people are wanting to join in… (Big YAY!)

The PINK Program has been going for 6 months now. To date, 32 kimonos have been donated, (and 4 more are going tonight), and that is over 30 families that have had a tiny blessing while they are enduring one of the scariest things that can happen to a parent. My only goal in doing the PINK Program is to bring something warm to the tiny babies, and something the parents can remember where their baby came from. I was one of the tiny babies in a little isolette. The kimonos bring hope. They bring LOVE.

—sidenote: Did you see my fancy new watermark? I love it… So easy to do now that I know how to do it… 🙂 Thank you Bellevue Avenue.

Want to start a PINK Program where you are? Want more info about the PINK Program? Want to help donate kimonos to families affected? Send Evelyn an email.

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