Dear Lord.

I never thought one of the biggest blessings in my life would be learning so sew and making tiny kimonos. When I started the PINK Program, I never thought anything would EVER come of it. I did it because I wanted to, and someone told me that it was a bad business move… giving something away for free, that retail for $25 each ($20 for each embroidered kimono, and then gift wrapping each one if you are counting). I knew I had a vision for it, so did it anyway. I just wanted to do it. So far, I have donated $1000 dollars in kimonos… (I just did the math, and I am pretty happy with that number! I had no idea. Math is not my strong point.) That makes my day!

So far the tally is this for places.

Quebec, University of Missouri Children’s Hospital, Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center, Plymouth, MN, Centralia, WA, North Eastern Mississippi, Adelaide, South Australia, Winston Salem, NC, Washington State, Greenbrier TN, Uniontown Ohio, Bogue Chitto, MS, Spokane, WA, Dallas Children’s Hospital, Sacred Heart or Deaconess NICU in Spokane, WA, Somerset, PA,  and Pensacola, FL. There are several people I haven’t heard from yet, but, those are the places as of right now. 🙂

Other than that, I have had some inquiries on the Peaceful Slumber Gowns, so I am going to be making a pattern for that too, and offering that probably in about a week, maybe earlier maybe later. Very busy around here. The only real difference is the size, and I don’t use snaps on those.


I have several ways you can help. If you would like to be able to make kimonos for the PINK Program, email me, and I will send you the PDF. You can make the kimonos yourself and donate them where you are, you can send me kimonos for me to embroider and donate, or, you can donate, (fabric, bias tape, supplies, gift cards, or donations through Paypal, ( Pretty much you can do whatever you would like. I am not charging for the pattern, but I am using any moneys received to go toward making more kimonos… As soon as you email me, I will email the pattern back within a few hours. I would ask that you let me know where you plan on donating them because I am keeping a running tally of places. 🙂

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