Terrific Tuesday.

There’s so much to say. First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has believed in me. The multitude of emails, and your stories, have truly touched me. Anytime anyone comments on the blog, anytime anyone says something kind, anytime anyone randomly sends a letter or email, I truly LOVE every one. I feel like a kid on Christmas everyday. The PINK Program is getting bigger everyday. I feel so blessed to have started it, and getting it up off the ground. Secondly, to those who are participating in the PINK Program: I would have never in a million billion years that something so small would have such a big impact on people. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generosity, thank you for your love, and for your support. It is such a blessing to see what is happening in your lives through the PINK Program. I know it has changed my life, and I am sure it will also change yours. Thanks for sending the email updates. I love LOVE LOVE them.

There is a lot going on in our home right now. I have learned a few lessons in the last week or so. First and foremost, $1 yard fabric, is NOT your friend when you have enough for 5 boxes. 🙂 Second, getting stuff organized with two small children, not the easiest thing. Boxes, are for playing and not for packing (this I know ALL TOO WELL)… and Lastly, I have learned so much more about God, His providence, and how He works EVERYTHING to our good if we let Him.


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