So, for those that don’t know, (thanks to Facebook), I wanted to let you all know, that my hubby, (Mr. LLL) is going to start a new job. What does this mean for our little family and Lil’ Liza Lou? Well. For one, we are moving. We are moving from Louisville, KY to Charlotte, NC. We are moving into a three bedroom house, and I am SUPER excited about decorating. I haven’t been able to ever really decorate anything we have lived in because they have all been apartments. What does it mean for Lil’ Liza Lou? Well. It means a few things. For one, for the next few weeks, if you place a custom order, it will have an extended wait time, 3 weeks instead of my normal one week. Once we move, I should be able to start sewing, so I am anticipating being able to complete everything pretty quick. I already have three orders for when I get there, and the waiting list is only growing. This is a good problem to have. 🙂

What else does it mean? The PINK Program is now going to be moving to a 90 bed NICU. Where we had a 30 bed, we now will have MUCH more. So, if you are sending NICU kimonos to me, I am hoping to take the first delivery of kimonos to Levine Children’s Hospital, in early July. Email me and I will get you the address. Thank you for your continued love and support of small business. I am looking forward to continuing to grow Lil’ Liza Lou in Charlotte. I talked to lots of boutiques in Charlotte and there are several interested in carrying Lil’ Liza Lou products in their shop. 🙂 Have a good evening!

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