Another Update…

Starting in July, I will be back to my tutorial, shop self. This month is going to be full of packing, relocating, and settling into our new home. Loo will turn two, in just a few days, and I want DESPERATELY to make her a Princess Dora dress… much like this. (I didn’t make that, but I have loved it for a while. It’s from HotTotsCoolKids2. Would I LOVE to make that? yes. We are putting all birthday festivities on hold, though, I did get Princess her own little Leapster2, because brother has one, that she can’t use, so, I got her her own. (Shhh, it’s a secret). She is going to be so excited!

We are moving to Charlotte, NC in a few days, and I have already contacted Levine Children’s Hospital. They were mentioned in the Muppet Episode of the Bachelorette a few days ago… which I was like, I am making kimonos for THEM! (and screamed inside, because I was so excited, but so embarrassed that I had watched enough of the Bachelorette to hear it). If you have seen this season, you understand the embarrassment. So, the PINK Program will be donating PINK Program Kimonos there starting the first or second week in July. If you are making kimonos for the PINK Program, and you are sending them to me, please contact me soon, so I can give you the address of where to send them. Levine Children’s Hospital has a 90 (!) bed NICU. I am super excited.

I got word from JAPAN of all places, to make NICU kimonos. I am honored and humbled that so many people are participating. It is truly amazing. The PINK Program Kimono Pattern is also going to be entered in the Kentucky State Fair. This is a huge big deal to me, and I am sooooo glad I am going to be able to do it.

Other than that, I have been just plugging right along packing as much as I can getting as much stuff done as I can. I have several new patterns to test and make, but, haven’t been able to start them… A one piece swimsuit, from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop, a play date romper, (what I am calling it), and a few from Whimsy Couture. Today I have to pack up my sewing machine. I have already not sewn in three weeks. I am hoping to get moved, and start sewing within a few days from then.

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