Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Since moving, sewing has been slow but steady. I am still trying to find everything, and when I sew, everything isn’t organized yet. Trying to find the seam ripper when you need it, trying to get all the colors of thread, etc…  It took me two years to get my space in Louisville to where I liked it. I am hoping it takes less than that… 🙂 This past week I have been able to sew a little more than the week before. I am working on orders, and completed a few little projects last week. 🙂 Thought I would let you see them.

This is a BRAND new pattern by Tie Dye Diva. It is a reversible A-line dress, that is so easy to wear. Loo LOVED it, and refused to take it off.  Pictured is a more vintage look to it, with an inch shorter, (an inch was added to the final pattern)… I loved the shorter vintage look of this length. It isn’t so short that when Loo bends over you see her panties, so, I think it is perfect (she did too, as you can see). 

This weekend I got to go to MaryJo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia, only 13 miles away… I know some people are swooning over this fact, since I already got an email about it… I got a fabric I have wanted for a year, and found a pretty paisley one. The store is fabric utopia. There are so many fabrics there. The only problem I had was being able to find specific designers, because I have certain ones I like more than others, and they were all grouped according to subject matter, like wildlife was together, cartoons, etc. I had a good time looking through it, and their prices are pretty good. In the future I think I will look online so I can pick the designer. 🙂 Other things I have been working on- swimsuits, and rompers. Last week I met with a boutique about selling some of my items. If you would like to visit, the items are featured at SoBo Loft Boutique and Gifts, and it is on South Boulevard, in Charlotte, NC. I am excited about the opportunity to have my items showcased there. 🙂
On another note, the kids are LOVING their backyard. Both are enjoying being able to play outside, and getting out in the sun. 🙂 Sorry about the blurry pics.


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