Yep, this morning I am a church-skipper. The last few weeks I have been not feeling too great. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but knew something was not right. It turns out I had a massive infection, but never had a fever. If you have an infection, you have a fever, right? No. I never knew I was sick… that kinda sounds like that show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”… Well. Long story short, I am on antibiotics, and learned a great lesson. God has been more faithful in this one move than I could have ever begun to imagine. If I wrote out all the ways that He has provided for my family and I through the last month and a half I would cry. From moving boxes, to axles being miraculously fixed, to cars breaking here and not on the 1,000 mile journey, to having a place to live, to the health insurance quandary, to the hubby’s job and training, to everything. I can’t believe how miraculously it has worked out. Even though I am sick, I know that had we not moved, I would have never known that I was sick. Being that we moved, we have family here to help. There are just so many ways. All of that to say, God is so good.

Being that anything would pale in comparison to that revelation, I wanted to post some pictures of my little boy, whom we lovingly call Little Man, in his shortalls he is now wearing (and no doubt dirtying) at church. 🙂 I am testing a new Tie Dye Diva pattern this week. It is super cute, and I can’t wait to show it off. Loo is excited because when I showed her the super top-secret picture of it, she said “That my dress!”. I guess that means it is a dress. But she is two so you never know if she is saying the right name for anything, so, let your imagination run wild… from twirly skirts, to pajamas, to aprons, to nightgowns, to swimwear… pretty much anything. 🙂 Without more delay…

So handsome. 🙂 I have the shortalls available in Newborn-Size 4. Available for boys or girls, AND it is completely reversible. The inside of this one is giraffe print. It is adorable. My little boy loves wearing it.  Little white polo under it, and it couldn’t be better.

4 responses to “..Church-Skipper…

  1. The child look very cute in this lovely dress.Its very nice combination of colour and design of children clothes.

  2. Love the little shortalls, so cute. Would you entertain making me one to fit my 7 year old son. Would love him in one as play clothes, possibly with the shorts a little shorter?

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