Kentucky State Fair

Items I entered in the Fair- A Custom Vera Bradley A-Line Dress with Ruffled Bloomers to match, size 0-3 months (which I just made yesterday and last night, and FAILED TO GET A PICTURE OF BEFORE I SHIPPED IT OFF). The P.I.N.K. Program Kimono Pattern is entered in Original Pattern Design, A Ruffled Girl’s  Playset with ruffled pockets, size 24 months, A Gray and White Boy Bowtie, Fleece Owl Hat, Newborn, Fleece Owl Hat, Girls 24 months, Ruffled Romper Cupcake Birthday Set, Holiday Apron (Holly Pattern), Half Apron- Purple Peacock Pattern, and A Child’s Jacket, made with Cashmere Fleece and lined with pink and white Damask in a 2T. I entered a total of 10 items.

I wanted to make a story quilt, but I just didn’t have time. I have the pictures printed onto the cotton fabric, and ready to go, but just didn’t have the time… There’s always next year. So far I have spent more to enter the fair and ship the items than, in the chance that I win, would win. I am glad I did it. I have wanted to do it, and always thought it would be neat to do, and so I did it.

Check out my items if you can. Most have a tag that say Lil’ Liza Lou. I worked really hard on them, and each piece has so much love in it. The PINK Program Kimono Pattern I think I want to win most. If you go to the fair, please let me know. I would love to see pictures… 🙂

2 responses to “Kentucky State Fair

  1. Evelyn, You have some beautiful clothes. I can tell you love doing this and it is such a good ministry. Hope we can meet soon and start some people at Pritchard to get interested. Your website looks very professional and very informative.
    Jane mizelle

    • Awww. Thank you Jane. It was so nice to talk to you yesterday. I ended up talking to Presbyterian Hospital, and am going to be able to make the kimonos for them for their Graduate Program. I am so excited. My first drop off is Tuesday. It is so exciting. I really think it is a great ministry and something that is invaluable. Each package is wrapped up pretty, and no one knows that they are going to get them… and I love to do it.

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