P.I.N.K. Program Update & Fly Away Romper

Lots of things to announce… First, Lil’ Liza Lou will be donating kimonos to Presbyterian Hemby Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They have a 38 bed NICU, and I am soooo soooo excited to do it. I will be doing their graduate program, for babies that have been there for an extended stay, and the kimonos are going to be something so special for them to be able to wear at home. Going home for them is a BIG deal. These babies are critically ill, or micro-preemies/preemies, and so for them to go home, is something that should be greatly celebrated. I take my first drop off on Tuesday afternoon. First up, twins. 🙂 Exciting! It has been a huge blessing to me to be able to do the PINK Program, and I am so excited to be able to continue this ministry. Second, I talked to my church, and they might be able to arrange a sewing team to be able to get kimonos ready too, which would be AMAZING. I won’t say where yet, because it isn’t set in stone, but, might be able to do something like that. Third, the Kentucky State Fair votes next week on entries. They will be announced online, and I will DEFINITELY let you know the results as soon as I do, (unless I fail miserably, in which I will probably never breathe a word of results). Lastly, I have been sewing a lot the last few days. I have a cute new outfit in the works for Loo for Sunday, a whole set, and I am super excited to see it on and see if it looks as good in real life, as it does in my thoughts. 🙂 Yesterday I finished this little number, and EVERYWHERE we went Lowes, Chick-fil-A, etc… everyone asked where I got it. Loo has started saying “Mommy made my dress”… which of course, makes me feel so special. 🙂 She is obsessed with “flowers” and every time we go outside to take a picture, she has to pick one, and smell it.

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