Without a doubt, I can say I am very proud of what I accomplished at the Kentucky State Fair. There were a TON of entries this year. My Lemon Parfait Baby Dress Set got 2nd Place. My Cashmere fleece child’s jacket (which, mind you, was the only one I ever made from the one pattern, it was the testing jacket design, not completely perfect), got 3rd Place. My Newborn Owl Hat got 4th Place. The PINK Program Kimono Pattern didn’t place, but after talking to the entry department, they were looking more for a pattern design that was a complicated design, not something so simple that anyone could do it. I understand that. I am sure the winner, who is no doubt talented, doesn’t have her pattern all around the world and making infants and families to feel loved and special. The PINK Program Kimono Pattern does. I am so proud of what I did, and can say that I an award winning seamstress… not many people can say that. The PINK Program Kimono Pattern isn’t complicated. It isn’t something that only a skilled seamstress can do. It is as simple as they come, and I am so glad that I got to participate in the fair, even if I didn’t win in that category. It will always be an honor to me to be able to make and donate the kimonos. Two years ago, I had barely started sewing… let alone entering a State Fair. So What’s your dream? Go Make It Happen. Want to see the list of winners… Go Here.

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  1. Congratulations

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