Cherry Cute Overalls

So everyone probably knows I love to dress Loo in pretty things. I know, I know, I go in spurts. I will fall in love with one pattern and beat it to death. I know, I have posted a few of these overalls, but, I just love it. This one I made the straps a little shorter, and was just playing around with the pattern, seeing what I liked. I love how this goes around her shoulders. These are available in a variety of fabrics. The fascinator I made because Loo loves to have things on her head. I know most people take them off, but if from birth, your mom puts these wacky huge things on your head, you would be used to it too. This fascinator, gave me my first blistered burn… ever. Tonight I have lots to work on. A NICU PINK Program kimono, (I have a whole list of those to do… yay for babies going home!). And, I have a few Halloween things in the works, and am just itching to get them finished too.

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