Sewing Organization Tips

Today, I would like to show you a few tips of how I am organized, and inspire you. It is a question I hear all the time, and everyone wants to know how to organize… and how to juggle the demands of being a stay at home mom, and working, and keeping up with household tasks. Everyone has differences in the ways they think and organize. My way is not for everyone.

Tip #1- I have a HUGE binder. It contains all my patterns, tutorials, etc. Everything I have ever made, anything I want to make, I print them off the computer, and then on each label, I put in the top right corner the pattern maker, for example TDD for Tie Dye Diva Sewing Patterns, and then, to the left write what it is, and what sizes it is available in. Any copies that I printed and didn’t use, any patterns I cut out, I keep them in there, and then, it is a LOT easier later, because sometimes I have already printed it out, and who likes to waste ink and paper… not me. I put them all inside sheet protectors, and then can easily take them in and out. The tabs are Post It Notes tabs, I love them. They stay, I don’t have to worry about them falling off, and I have used them for VARIOUS projects over the YEARS I have had this one pack of them. They pop up, and are easy to use. I have the patterns all divided. First comes clothing, divided by designer, and then accessories, also divided by designer. It has helped a LOT.

Tip #2- For patterns you use more than once, that you are making lots of, (in my case, the PINK Program Kimono). I have them in various sizes, and I have them all safety pinned to a ribbon board. I have them all on the edge, and they are all perfect. I can take them down whenever I need, and they are so easy to find. Around the patterns, I have cards from people, pictures, ideas, pieces of fabric, and around the board, I have ziplock bags thumbtacked to the wall. These are full of fabric that is already cut, and ready to finish. They are all serged, and ready. Inside each bag is a description of what it is, and what is left to do on each item. For example, the bottom right bag is full of the supplies for  Minnie Ruffled Bloomers. There is a piece of paper with the size, and anything left that needs to be added, or done. Then a fabric label is put in along with the elastic needed, so that I can just pick up when I can. You can get a few minutes sometimes, and you never know how that one or two minutes can impact finishing up a project.

Under my sewing machine, I have big ziplock bags. They are all divided. I have one Ziplock bag for shipping supplies, and everything needed to ship, envelopes, labels, stamps, stickers, etc. are inside it. There are bags for bias tape, thread, serging thread, trims, buttons, elastic, and velcro. Whenever I need something, I can easily find it by looking for the bag.

Tip #4- Rubbermaid Tupperwear. I have two or three bins of current fabric I am using. These are smaller tubs and have projects I have in mind, and everything. It is easier to keep up with what I am doing. I will go through Sunday night and get all the projects I want to do, the fabric I need, and then, keep the fabric in there so I can get to it quickly. 

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