Dress Sets!

A few weeks ago while out, I saw a little girl, holding a baby doll. They MATCHED. They both had on the same dress, same accessories, and I was blown away. This is something I don’t see much of anymore. I have wanted to make doll dress sets for a while. I have a few patterns that have doll dresses to go with them, but for some reason just never did it before. Well… After doing this one, you can bet I will be doing more. Check out Loo with her doll. (The pattern is made for an 18″ doll, which we don’t have, so, the doll dress looks too big, but, just go with it.) Ready to ship Polka Dot Dresses- 2T, and doll dress, and 12-18 months. Custom orders are available in 6-9 months-Girls 5. Girls Dresses are $40 each, and come with a sash, and hair accessory. Doll Dresses can be sold individually for $15, or $10 when purchased with the Girl’s Dress. 

Next Up- Barnyard Beauty. 🙂 It’s going to be some kind of cute.

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